PCB Design Services

Schematic Symbol & PCB Footprint Creation

We create all kind of symbols required for schematics drawings in KiCAD. Common symbols like resistor, capacitor inductor, common digital ICs etc. are already available in KiCAD. But there are cases where no symbols will be available for schematics drawing. For PCBs footprints are required for designing. In this case also common footprints for through hole resistors, SMD resistors, DIP packages for ICs, SMD packages for ICs are already available. But for completing PCBs some footprints may be missing. This is where we can help with PCB footprints. We create footprints required for a PCB like SMD, through hole or special footprints.

Symbol Footprint

Price per hour

₹ 420.00

Minimum Charge

₹ 3,360.00


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We create all kind of schematic symbols

We create all kind of PCB footprints

Highly usable, easy to use schematic symbols

PCB footprints for hand soldering and reflow

Very less creating time

Schematic drawing in CAD Software

We do all kind of schematic drawings in KiCAD software. We require very less time for drawing schematics thus saving you money for time. Understandable schematics are lot more important regarding electronic circuits. Even very complex circuits can be very easy to understand if it is drawn by professionals. We do provide such quality service which helps to rectify errors if any present in schematics, while in development stage. This can save you lot more money because, fabrication is very costly.

Schematic drawing CAD

Price per hour

₹ 300.00

Minimum Charge

₹ 3,000.00


+91 9895656601


Easily understandable schematic drawing

Schematic drawing in open source KiCAD software

Well experienced professionals for schematic drawing

Three stage verification process to ensure error-free schematics

Very fast schematics drawing capability

PCB Design in CAD Software

We design simple PCBs to very complex PCBS. Single side PCBs are mostly used in where circuit is simple and having lot of through hole components. We can even design a little bit complex PCBs using single side, where cost is a big factor. Some kind of circuits require minimum double sided (2 Layer) PCBs in which circuit may be simple. An example may be displays with seven segments. We also design very complex analog, digital and mixed PCBs considering high speed and low speed factors. Power PCBs require a special attention when designing. We consider trace width and spacing a lot in these kind of PCBs. Analog PCBs as well as mixed PCBs have to be designed with extreme care where signals have to separated as much as possible. Our engineers have lot of experience in PCB design which will help you to reduce development time and error-free PCB designs.

PCB Design CAD

Price per hour

₹ 480.00

Minimum charge

₹ 3,840.00


+91 9895656601


Designing of Single sided (1 Layer) PCBs

Designing multi-layer (2 Layer & above) PCBs

Analog, Digital and Mixed PCB Designs

Low Cost Designing (Per Hour Cost)

Highly professional and experienced designers

PCB designing in open source KiCAD software

We never do PCB reverse engineering works

PCB Fabrication & Testing

We provide PCB fabrication services as well as FPT (Flying Probe Test) on fabricated PCBs. We provide PCB fabrication services for single side low cost PCBs as well as multiple layer PCBs. This is an outsourcing service since we don't have any machinery for fabrication. We also have lot of PCB fabricating vendors from whom we make the job done. PCB fabrications can be done at a reasonable cost. Our pricing can even be lower than the quote you get, if you approach a vendor directly. This happens because, we order PCB works in bulk, so we get a reduction in fabrication, which in turn will reduce your cost.

PCB Fabrication

Price per Layer

₹ 9.00 per mm²

Lead Time

4 weeks

Minimum cost

₹ 9,000.00


+91 9895656601


Low Cost Single layer PCBs

We support multi-layer PCB Fabrication

Low cost fabrication support

We support engineering samples as well as bulk quantities

Perform FPT (Flying Probe Test) on fabricated PCBs

Component Purchase & PCB Population

We provide component purchase and population services. This service is mainly offered for engineering samples for research purposes. For bulk population services, you have to supply the required components. We offer PCB population services for leaded components, as well as non leaded components (excluding BGA). All population services offered are done manually and no machine soldering is involved. Reflow soldering can also be offered through other vendors. We have industrial experienced engineers to perform perfect soldering and assembling services. We have already done a lot of industrial population works including works done for C-DAC, Trivandrum.

Component PCB Population

Price per pad

₹ 4.20

Lead Time

Depends on quantity

Minimum Charge

₹ 8,064.00


+91 9895656601


Component purchase for engineering purpose

Populating both SMD (except BGA) & through hole components

Highly talented engineers to perform the job

Very accurate assembling services

Reflow soldering offered through other vendors

In-house hand soldering for all sort of components