Raspberry Pi Development

Raspberry Pi System Design

We offer system design for Raspberry Pi single board computer. Design includes circuit design and may be PCB development (in case of complex system) or making use of existing hardware modules.

RaspberryPi System Design

Starting from

₹ 69,000.00

Scope of supply

Full documentation of design and communication protocols


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LCD & Touch screen

Lot of Displays are available for interfacing with Raspberry Pi including official 7" LCD. We specialize in interfacing low cost LCDs for a cost effective solution. For a normal project as 3.5" LCD with touch screen is a good solution. Low cost LCDs use GPIOs for interfacing. Lot of communication ports like Serial port, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire etc. are available in Raspberry Pi. We design system to meet your requirement to interface with these ports and make the system stable and reliable.

Sensors & Actuators

Raspberry Pi's GPIOs are capable of connecting lot of digital sensors and actuators. We are capable of designing a system with analog inputs or analog output requirements, which Raspberry Pi is not offering out of the box. We design systems with sensors like temperature, pressure, position, distance, proximity etc. We can also work on robotics handling motors, valves, drivers etc. Electromechanical switches like relays can also be included in system for turning On/Off electrical devices. We design 3D router system with motors, which requires precision timing and position.

Printers & Scanners

We design systems with any kind of printers interfacing with Raspberry Pi. Although USB printer can directly be plugged to Raspberry Pi's USB port, there are requirements like thermal printers or custom made printers to be interfaced. We design 3D printers with Raspberry Pi, which requires tremendous experience. Laser engravers and cutters can be done easily with Raspberry Pi. Custom Scanners can be interfaced through GPIO of Raspberry Pi. We provide designs for barcode scanner interface or any custom made scanners as per requirement.