Raspberry Pi Development

Raspberry Pi Configuration

Raspberry Pi is a full computer which requires an Operating System to work as a stand-alone computer. For an application specific purpose, this may not be enough.

RaspberryPi Configuration

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₹ 30,000.00

Scope of supply

Fully configured Raspberry Pi with documentation


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Operating System & Startup Configuration

Official Operating System provided by Raspberry Pi foundation is widely used with Raspberry Pi. We do installation of OS to get the Raspberry Pi up and running. By default, Raspberry Pi displays output to HDMI port, which requires a monitor or HDMI display to be connected. For small projects which requires small LCDs this can be a problem. Special configuration or drivers may be required to get displays working. Also touch screens must be configured correctly to function. We do all kind of OS and startup configurations required for the project.

Hardware Drivers

All hardware peripherals may not be compatible with Raspberry Pi. Some peripherals require special drivers to operate. We develop peripheral drivers connected to GPIOs through bit-banging or some other techniques.

Development tools setup

For developing firmware software tools may be required to be installed. These setup may be very tedious and time consuming. This includes setting Raspberry Pi as web server or headless setup where no display is required. We can also provide solution for multiple Raspberry Pi connected to a local network, which requires additional setup.