Raspberry Pi Development

Raspberry Pi Application Development

We offer application development for Raspberry Pi, with or without Graphical User Interface, background services and database services.

RaspberryPi Application

Starting from

₹ 67,000.00

Scope of supply

Full source code and application in format of developed tools


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Raspberry Pi GUI

Projects requiring displays or user interaction requires as Graphical User Interface (GUI) for operation. Either this interface may not receive inputs from user or requiring user inputs, we can provide complete solution. In case of a simple Diesel Generator Monitoring system, no inputs may be required from user side, or in an industrial package counting system there may not be any inputs from user side. But user have to know the status or should get updates. For this purpose a GUI may be required. We develop GUI in Qt5 to meet your requirement.

Raspberry Pi Back-end Programming

We can do programming in Python3 for Raspberry Pi applications. Python has its own advantages as a programming language. It is known for simplicity and extensive library support. For Raspberry Pi, there are tons of library available to work with which makes programming really easy. Python has advanced and fast support for GPIOs which make virtually anything to be interface with Raspberry Pi's GPIO. Python is a robust programming language with easy maintenance and debugging. Google has announced Python as its official programming languages recently. We do all sort of programming in Python3 to support Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Database Implementation

We use SQLite database as a back-end for application data storage. Comparing to MySQL, SQLite uses independent file format for implementing database. This makes it extremely portable and keep things simple. SQLite database is extremely light-weight which makes to run even in less memory systems. SQLite load the data only when required, rather than reading the entire file which in turn makes content updating continuously so that little or no work is lost even in case of a crash.