IoT Development

IoT Network Solution

Networking solution here means adding connectivity to a product to internet enabling the device to be the part of IoT system. Connectivity can be either wired or wireless. We add hardware modules as a part of hardware design for enabling connectivity. We can also convert any existing system to IoT system by adding additional hardware parts. The cost of this layer is already covered in IoT Hardware.

IoT Network Solution

Development Cost

Already included in Iot Hardware

WiFi IoT Network Solution

For Microcontroller based circuit we use WiFi modules for adding wireless connectivity. This WiFi module can connect with existing WiFi router or we may add additional router for Internet connectivity. For multiple units working in the vicinity of a single WiFi router, only one Internet connection is made available, reducing cost of the entire system. We support WiFi networking for STM based IoT, Arduino based IoT, PIC Microcontroller based IoT and Raspberry Pi based IoT.

GSM Modem IoT Network Solution

GSM Modem is another option for wireless Internet connectivity. Apart from WiFi connectivity, this requires no additional WiFi router. In this setup each and every hardware design require one GSM Modem. A SIM card and a valid mobile network connection is required for the device to work. This setup is cost effective compared to WiFi Network, but may be expensive if multiple units are working. Local connectivity between units is not possible while there is no Internet. We do not offer GSM Modem for Raspberry Pi IoT.

Bluetooth IoT Network Solution

A Bluetooth module can be added to the hardware to enable Bluetooth connectivity. This requires another Bluetooth device to pair with. This setup May require a mobile phone or any other devices with Internet connectivity, which seems really silly. But this setup is extremely useful in battery operated devices, wearables etc. where power consumption is very critical factor.

LAN Wired IoT Solution

We offer LAN connectivity for Raspberry Pi only. Wired LAN can be connected to existing LAN or a Modem. Wired connections are useful where RF signals are not permitted. We offer LAN Wired IoT Solution only for Raspberry Pi IoT.